Founded in 2019, Reka Baka cake studio started as a space to channel the Cake Artisan ideas and his desire to create while working full time in a consultancy firm. Whilst not having formal training in cake atelier nor culinary education, the cake artisan unwavering passion for art together with his 13 years background in architecture and design field had encouraged him to pursue in cake artistry. It was indeed a total identity shift but nevertheless extremely relevant to his work and life where creative process keeps on flowing, both when he creates his cakes and working with real people.

“Reka”, carry the meaning to design and “Baka”, simplified from the word “Bakar” means to bake. True the its name, Reka Baka focuses on individually designed custom cake. 

The Cake Artisan mostly sculpt with sugar paste and rice paper whereas buttercream and edible colouring would be his medium for cake painting. His designs are strongly inspired from all thing’s art nouveau, art deco and eclectic though he believed that there is no definite right or wrong in designing. Taking immense pride to share his way of doing things, it is the Cake Artisan wish that the process of creating with him and Reka Baka team would be inspiring and easy. 

A S   F E A T U R E D   I N

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